Corporate and Departmental Intranet

SPSites is a corporate intranet-ready solution in Sharepoint on-premise or Online, which allows the administration of the sections and the security on them.

The intranet can have different areas (sub-sites) for each department, each one being able to manage its news and contents independently, for example, the HR area, Systems, Adm. and Finance, Quality, etc.

The site provides permissions handling for news publishing, approval, and other actions that require control and follow-up. It also allows the management of advertisements, document libraries, Links of interest, photo galleries, wikis and all kinds of components that facilitate communications within the company.

Home page

The front page of the Intranet is designed according to the needs of each organisation, starting from an initial predefined structure that integrates main news within a carousel, personal indicators, announcements, links to access tools and other elements. There is a corporate homepage and there may also be a departmental homepage, specialising its focus on those elements that are of interest. The link to an element will lead to the expansion of that information or tool.

News Management

The tool provides a workflow for review and approval of news allowing the same ' scale ' of departmental levels to the corporate cover.  That is to say that there can be only visible news at departmental level, or news visible both at departmental and corporate level.

The news can be generated onlink or through Word templates specially designed.  If you use Word once the template is open, the edition will be free, with normal Word format, you can reserve sections for title, specific attributes that you wish to request (eg the environment that you want to publish, if testing or production) and will be The ' Publish ' button is available for publication.

This greatly facilitates the generation of news that intercales texts with photos and other elements.

Automatic Ad Publishing Process

A process can be developed for the automatic publication of advertisements on the front page from searches on specific sources that you define, for example:

– Notice in advance of birthdays of the next days or that will happen during the weekend.

– Notice of upcoming licenses, or other types of events that are defined


Any situation that can be detected with a DB search can facilitate the publication of an advertisement, and this can be done by impersonating a specific generic user.

Functions and modules

The Intranet can include at any of its levels components such as announcements, document libraries, links to sites or tools of interest, photo galleries, wikies, etc.

Document libraries can be used to publish and manage Instructions, Documentation, Downloads, etc.

The intranet can also include access to other specific modules, such as licensing Management (SPSTAFF), Knowledge Base (SPKB), quality documentation Management (SPQM), or other custom modules developed for the client.  You can also include the possibility of receiving suggestions and opinions from users and a centralized search engine, among other options.

In principle they will only have permission to operate (e.g. in the case of advertisements to place new ads) users who have the necessary permissions, not all those who can access the site.

Corporate search

The availability of a corporate search engine is a key element of any Intranet, to facilitate access to information.  The elements that are used will be connected to the taxonomy generate which will facilitate the availability of ' refiners ' that allow to dimension the results.  The result shown by Sharepoint also provides auto-prioritization of results based on the matching level of each item with the search text used, previews, and other advanced features.

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