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Staff leave management
The SPStaff module allows the registration of all types of licenses for concepts that affect the availability of people, their physical location or other variable relevant to the company...
Maintaining the control of balances per person and concept, facilitating the control of compensatory and generating a complete file per person that allows the unequivocal consultation of this information for both the HR sector and the head of each person and for each Particular employee.
Corporate and Departmental Intranet
SPSites is a corporate intranet-ready solution in Sharepoint On-premise or Online, which allows the administration of the sections and the security of the same...
(subsites) For each department, each one being able to manage their news and contents independently, for example the area of human resources, systems, ADM. and finance, quality, etc.
Quality Documentation Management
The Sharepoint Quality Management (SP QM) module allows the creation and administration of documents that integrate the quality management system (SP QM)....
Of quality of the company, allowing to implement its revision/Approval workflow, manage its versioning, facilitate its classification for future search and access by different navigation routes, with visibility management of approved versions and permissions Special
Departmental or Corporate Knowledge Base
The SPWise module allows the rapid launching of a departmental or corporate knowledge base, taking advantage of the Sharepoint features for that purpose.
The site provides a cover with the novelties of articles of Knowledge Base published, showing in different sections different views of the contents of the knowledge base to facilitate its navigation and access.
Engineering Documentation (SPDMS)
The functionalities of this module integrate three portals, Administration, Projects and Stakeholders.
Administration of global taxonomy: companies, addresses, specialities, projects, etc.
Configuration of project templates: project classes...

NEW LAUNCHESharePointfor Engineering Documentation (SPDMS)

Document Management System (DSM) module for the management of engineering documentation with document master administration with extended metadata, elaboration - revision - approval circuit, publication of documentation to stakeholders (customers, suppliers, business partners), navigation, search, query, complete document bundles, reports, and much more.

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EMMSA IT Services supports the recommendations of the relevant health authorities, adopting all preventive actions to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. In this sense, our staff is providing all professional services remotely, having the required tools to perform their activities with total normality under this modality, until further notice.
We request our suppliers to contact us by phone or e-mail at administracion@emmsa.net for any questions.

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