Core system for the management of insurance companies


Issuance of multi-line, multi-company and multi-currency insurance policies, with high levels of flexibility and configuration.
Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-legal claims, claims management and litigation (mediations and lawsuits).
Management of the company's reinsurance contracts and interaction with reinsurance companies.
Integral management of insurance policy collections for the different means of collection enabled by the company.
Prior review of the insurable property for proper risk management.
General configuration of the system with definition of elements common to all modules.
Policy printing management with customizable and variable formats depending on the industry.
External access to insurance producers, providing complete management of your client portfolio.
Issuance of regulatory reports required by external entities.
Security system for user profile management, session auditing and security policies.
Execution of unattended processes to perform processing, notification, controls, etc.
External access for policyholders, providing complete management of all their needs.
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Corporate and Departmental Intranet
SPSites is a corporate intranet-ready solution in Sharepoint On-premise or Online, which allows the administration of the sections and their security...
(sub-sites) for each department, each one being able to manage its news and contents independently, for example, HR, Systems, Adm. and Finance, Quality, etc.
Quality Documentation Management
The quality documentation management module (SP QM or Sharepoint Quality Management) allows the creation and administration of documents that integrate...
Quality Management System of the company, allowing to implement its review/approval workflow, manage its versioning, facilitate its classification for future search and access through different navigation channels, with visibility management of approved versions and special permissions.
Engineering Documentation (SPDMS)
The functionalities of this module integrate three portals, Administration, Projects and Stakeholders.
Global taxonomy administration: companies, addresses, specialties, projects, etc.
Configuration of project templates: project classes...

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30 years of work Thank you very much for joining us!

Round numbers always give food for thought. We started in October 1992 as a startup, which means that in October 2022 we will celebrate more than 30 years of uninterrupted work.

We have developed software for insurance companies, industrial plants, oil companies, financial companies, energy companies, engineering companies, gas dispatch and distribution companies, laboratories, HR areas and many other areas.

During this period we successfully overcame several technological waves, several local and global economic crises, new paradigms and many other challenges.

In all this time, we have never stopped creating value, growing, providing jobs and offering peace of mind to our customers and our personnel in the midst of sometimes adverse contexts.

A lot of accumulated experience and challenges overcome, and many challenges to begin, with the same energy as always, renewed by new Directors who joined our Board of Directors, contributing their strengths, and a renewed team to face the creation of new and better products for the world market.

Many thanks to all our customers, suppliers and business partners for accompanying us on this path always trusting us, and a big thank you to all our collaborators, those who participated in projects and services throughout all these years, especially our current team that is the engine of innovation that contributes daily in creating solutions for our customers.

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