Application Management Service (AMS)

Application Management Service (AMS)

The AMS (Application Management Service) aims to respond to the needs of our customers to administer, manage and maintain their software applications in optimal operation, ensuring that they can continuously evolve to meet the needs of their business, allowing the company to focus on its own activity by allocating more resources to the core of its business through the outsourcing of this service.

This allows separating the application maintenance team from the internal project team, attending to the requirements through a highly qualified service desk and with specially adapted work processes, aligned with ITIL, thus outsourcing the management service on these software assets, and making available internal resources collaborators' time to focus them on strategic objectives.


The AMS service includes:

  • Corrective Support.
  • Preventive Support.
  • Regulatory Support.
  • Developmental Development minor (optional).
  • Release management.

It can reach business applications:

  • Web.
  • Mobile.
  • Sharepoint.
  • SAP BTP.
  • Databases.
  • Integration.
  • Other technologies.

The implementation of AMS ensures the availability of support and business continuity. Its implementation assumes adequate functional and technical training in the applications for the resources destined to the service, technological integration with the client through the appropriate tools, fluid communication and a highly collaborative work environment between the company and EMMSA to coordinate efforts, facilitate response times, simplify tasks and thus seek to ensure user satisfaction.

Value added

Proactive management with monitoring and notifications.

App management by a specialized Software Factory.

Methodology (ISO / ITIL) and organization of attention by levels.

Service level agreements.

Release and version update management (release management).

Issues functional and technical management.

Extended services (optional) in case of eventual needs.

Risk management.

Ticket tracking integrated with the customer.

Activity reports.

It is a specialized service in applications provided by software developers at different levels, trained in their business processes and specific applications.

During the initial stage of service definition, the characteristics of the service are agreed with the client:

  • Scope of the service: systems reached, tasks to be performed, number of users to be supported, service schedule, etc.
  • Sizing of the required team, roles and responsibilities.
  • Methodology and tools for service management: table levels, form of communication, management of source programs, accessibility to environments, etc.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Timeline/launch plan.

Once the service is defined and the contract is confirmed, the team is prepared by assigning the necessary human and technical resources, and a transition period begins, gaining knowledge and management with the support of the corresponding internal personnel for a period of time until autonomy in the tasks is achieved.

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